Impression PR featured in ELLE

Thank you to ELLE who stopped by recently to interview us about our journey building Impression PR for the past four years. In this interview we talk about the struggles of starting a company when you are young, and how we had to work hard to gain respect in the business, which thankfully is all we experience today.

We are very proud of this feature and the video created which highlights our agency beautifully. Thank you ELLE for letting us share our story.

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new intern at impression pr

Hi, I’m the new intern at Impression PR! My name is Rebecca, I’m 22 years old and a true beauty-lover. I study Marketing Management at Zealand Business College. 

It has been a dream of mine to work within the PR industry for as long as I remember. To be able to do my internship at Impression PR truly is a dream come true. Being capable of combining one of my biggest interests with professional skills, PR has already won my business-heart. 
I Find it very interesting that PR in its simplest form, is creating, maintaining and strengthening relationships. It is a never-ending task, especially in today’s media-centered world. Public relations touches every single person, every day, whether they know it or not.

To keep it short: “PR makes the world go ‘round” and how cool is that?! 

xellence skincare 02.jpg


We’re happy to introduce our newest brand in the showroom - XELLENCE Skincare! The Danish skincare brand brings nature and science together and creates products of high quality with visible effect on the skin. The products have few carefully selected natural ingredients to create the most effective results. XELLENCE Skincare’s mission is to create effective and reliable products and to prove that simple and natural ingredients can have striking results on the skin.

XELLENCE Skincare has a product line of ten multifunctional products, which means that every product can cover multiple purposes for the skin and thereby minimize the number of products we have at home and our consumption. The amazing products can be used on any skin type and is for anyone who appreciates high quality products with no perfume or additives.

“Every single product is developed with one goal in mind; to make it easy to protect and take care of the skin as well as relieve skin problems.” Flora Nasab, Founder of XELLENCE Skincare.

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