In September, we celebrated the launch of SugarBearHair Women’s Multi Vitamins again. This time, with an amazing two-day getaway!

We went to the beautiful Great Nothern Spa in Kerteminde with a group of influencers, and the location fit perfectly with the theme “Selfcare With SugarBearHair.” Women’s Multi are vegan and allergy-friendly, and are made with a bunch of natural vitamins and nutrients, that provide the daily amount of vitamins that women are recommended, and might not fully get through their food intake. 

Therefore, the theme was all about taking care and loving yourself, and this meant two days of absolute pampering – massages, swims, yoga, facials, spas, great food. Just pure relaxation for the body and soul!  

Women’s Multi Vitamins costs 279 DKK and are available for purchase in selected hairdressers and online via         



On the 29th of August, we hosted a beautiful and delicious brunch at Gemyse in Tivoli. We celebrated the launch of the new Women’s Multi Vitamins by SugarBearHair, with some of our favourite influencers invited to join. The beautiful, aesthetic location was perfect for the event, and the food was vegan, to match the product which is 100% vegan as well. 

Women’s Multi Vitamins include 16 micronutrients which is a supplement to vitamins women might be missing in their daily recommendation – and they are in the shape of delicious gummy bears!

They include a bunch of vitamins, such as Omega-3, Vitamin C and Vitamin E on the ingredients list, which results in balance and energy in the body. They contribute to general well-being of women, but also include amino acid, which can help the collagen production of the body. Women’s Multi Vitamins are formulated with natural ingredients only, and the vitamin B12 in the gummies are often found in animal foods - therefore the gummies are ideal for vegetarians, vegans and allergy sufferers. 

Women’s Multi Vitamins costs 279 DKK and are available for purchase in selected hairdressers and online via         



On the 28th of August, we celebrated the launch of the book ‘Thank You For Rosé’, with an incredible launch dinner, that took place on the beautiful Illum Rooftop, with the most amazing and tasteful Italian food from Rossopomodoro! 

‘Thank You For Rosé’ is created by Copenhagen Rosé Festival in collaboration with cocktail specialist Jesper Schmidt. The collaboration led to the creation of 50 exciting, fresh and delicious cocktails – all based on roséwine! There is a drink for every occasion, and every taste. 

The book includes amazing, aesthetic pictures of every drink, which contributes to the nice graphic design the book has. The graphic design and the size of the book, makes it the perfect coffee table-book to have lying around - but the book is more than perfect for every party or dinner get-together, and will create a more unique drinks-menu for the night. 

The book costs 349 DKK and is available for purchase via