The newest brand in our showroom, iDeal Of Sweden, are helping secure a bright and independent future for children of Colombia, by teaming up with the Swedish charity organization, Ankarstiftelsen. 

“La Escuela iDeal” has been established in collaboration with children in Colombia, and in 2018, the project built schools for children of the village Hurraichichon. This helped giving a total of 150 the education they deserve. Along with the project, they have now created two new phone cases, with the help of two students from the school, Sofia and Olida. These cases are a limited edition, and have been designed with creative drawings made by the two – and we are absolutely in love. We can guarantee that these drawings will light up your day, and give a new fun and playful look to your phone. 

All purchases of the cases will be donated to Ankarstiftelsen, to help build more schools in Colombian villages, support a life of education and dreams, and to help the children out of poverty in the future. 

iDealOfSweden_CrayonPalmTree_CrayonBird_Emmamelins_249 DKK.jpg
Terese Ask