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Working with Impression PR has made Maria Nila a household name on the Danish market. Not just making Maria Nila a well-known professional brand, but also making sure that our products is a must-have in every household, regardless if you are a man, woman – old or young. Impression PR do not see limitations, they see solutions. They maintain a high level of service with personal contact and have a working approach that fits us, with a continuous dialogue and transparent communication. 

We are happy that Impression PR is a part of the Maria Nila family!


Alexander Arnheim, Marketing Manager Nordics, Maria Nila


We have worked with Impression PR for over a year and have since the beginning been nothing but satisfied. They are super professional and their enormous network of influencers have already made noticeable results for our company. No matter how busy they may be, they always respond immediately and their level of service is in every area at the highest. I can highly recommend Impression PR to other companies who wish to develop their network of influencers and create strong press results.


Marianne Gulløv, External Communications Manager, The Body Shop Danmark


We have worked with these positive and skilled ladies for over 3 years now, and we are very happy with the choice we made. For us it was important to find a PR agency that has a big network of influencers and beauty editors, as well as knowledge about social media. There is no doubt that Impression PR possess these qualities. They are very professional, have a huge network and are great at creating good press for our products. No matter what task we give them, they are always positive, up for the task and come up with great ideas and solutions. Impression PR get my warmest recommendation!


Christina Placht, Marketing Manager, RFSU


We have had the honor of working with Terese and Christina for over a year and give them our best recommendation. They are the most welcoming, professional, result-oriented and warm people we know. They have, since day one, shown great commitment in our, at the time, new brand and have created fantastic results for LAVINDE. We can definitely recommend using Impression PR as your PR agency!

Cecilie Svendsen Vinde, Co-founder & Director, LAVINDE


We have worked with Impression PR on a project base for 3 years and it has been nothing but recommendable. These ladies have not only a great overview of the project but also an eye for detail, and they deliver as promised. They are always up for new exciting projects and they catch whatever balls we throw their way. As we have primarily approached Impression PR in regards to influencer events and campaigns, it is a big plus that they have experience as influencers themselves. It gives them a great insight as to what works best seen from the influencer’s perspective. On behalf of Eva Solo, I give them my warmest recommendation.

Mia Saks, Marketing Manager, Eva Solo